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Hidden Acres is a camp and retreat center whose mission is to serve individuals, our community, and the world by sharing Christ’s love.


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Leadership Retreat from the Perspective of a Counselor

Rebeca Carpenter

This was my first time to work at a Hidden Acres Girls’ Retreat. I was not sure what to expect going in, but I left seeing some amazing impacts from God. In just two days, many of the young ladies broke out of their comfort zone and gave God control.

On the first day one particular young lady in my group told me she wanted to be a leader for Christ. However, she said she did not believe she could. By the end of the weekend this same young lady was helping in every activity. She helped me in our small group, sharing her testimony and being a great encourager to the other young ladies. You could see God opening doors for her to be a leader throughout the weekend and she took every opportunity. On the last night she shared with me that she knew she could go out and be a leader in Christ wherever she went.

This was such an amazing opportunity. I am thankful to be a part of this retreat. I onlyshared a story about one of the girls because it would take too long to share them all. I cannot wait to see the things that God is going to do with these extraordinary young ladies. It was such a privilege to get a glimpse of it at this retreat.