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Hidden Acres is a camp and retreat center whose mission is to serve individuals, our community, and the world by sharing Christ’s love.

The Mission Camp Volunteer who win most miles to Hidden Acres


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The Mission Camp Volunteer who win most miles to Hidden Acres

Rebeca Carpenter

In 1994 my pastor said I was not needed to teach Sunday School or work in the church anymore because I was going through a divorce.  I was invited to attend a divorce recovery workshop at Grover Park Baptist church in Warrensburg, Missouri.  I stayed to attend Wednesday evening services and began to get involved in a small group and the single’s group.  One evening the Pastor came up to me and said,  “Are you Judy?  I was wondering if you would like to do crafts for VBS?”  He said, “I was praying and the name Judy came to me and they pointed you out”…He said, “Oh by the way, it’s in Mexico and we will be gone 14 days.”  I replied, “I’m not a member of this church?”  He said, “Oh don't worry, we have people from all over going!”  So this is how one of the best adventures of my life started…

When we got closer to the border, we stopped to pick up three translators - Rebecca, Raquel, and Ruth Escobedo.   Ruth was only 7 years old when she started going with our group to translate!  For the next 14 summers I was blessed to go on these Mexico Mission trips.  Rebecca, Raquel, and Ruth were awesome servants.  They showed such concern for the lost and were always gracious and kind, never complained.  This connection is how I started coming to Hidden Acres.  Their friendship, fellowship, servanthood, & joy for the Lord is contagious. 

Why do I spend my week of vacation at Hidden Acres and travel from Missouri?  Because it refreshes my soul.  It is a joy and an honor to serve here as part of the kitchen crew.  Charlotte has a great sense of humor and kind heart. Her LOVE comes out in the food she prepares from SCRATCH and in the manner in which she treats everyone.  Esther has an excellent work ethic, reads scripture over me, and is always good for a laugh to make things less stressful!  Jacob did a LOT of dishes this week!  Jennifer can dice tomatoes like an expert chef and it’s always good to have a mathematician in the kitchen!  Judy is a joy to be around. 

It is fun to watch the staff, and campers grow / challenge/ stretch us in our faith.  The youth bring energy.  I am grateful for each one involved here!  Building relationships and drawing closer to Christ is the goal.  My heart is full.  Memories have been stored up. 

Go tell others the good news!  We have been set free!  John 8:36

-Judy Krause


Kitchen Crew for Great Commission Camps Week III Summer 2017.  Judy Pictured second from right.