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The Core taught me

Rebeca Carpenter

The Core taught me

by Seth Carpenter

Baby-E taught me how to love everyone.

Snips taught me how to be leader.

Flick-flock taught me how to be kind.

Shaddy taught me how to have fun.

Skyscraper taught me how to lead by example.

Farquad taught me how to live in godliness.

Sen-sei taught me how to be a friend.


Last Summer as I was cleaning up around the house I came upon a scrap of paper.  On it was a note scribbled by my son, Seth, as shown above.  I thought it was such a special thing for him to be inspired to jot that down.  At Hidden Acres one of our aims is to teach both our staff and campers how to be Christ-like leaders.  Our summer camp leadership team is called “the Core” and is comprised of young leaders who have shown dedication to Hidden Acres summer camp and it’s ideals and have served for several years.  The Core helps plan and coordinate summer camps and stay involved through the year helping with other events.

We are blessed to raise up our kiddos around such caring and servant-hearted people.  While at camp we teach Biblical concepts on leadership.  I think that Seth’s note reminds me that while little ears are listening, little eyes are watching and learning by the example they see in our Core leaders.

Amanda Smith (Baby-E) has such a friendly manner about her that when she smiles at you, you feel like you just made a new best friend.

It has been so rewarding to see Cayla Lewis (Snips) step up into a leadership role at camp.  Her love and energy inspires others be enthusiastic about their work.

Summer Stevens’ (Flick-flock) kindness makes her a great counselor and leader at camp.  Her sweet and encouraging personality make our campers feel loved.

Shaddrack Ntambwe (Shaddy) is like the energizer bunny at camp.  He is a natural at leading games and worship songs.  His fun and energetic personality fires up those around him.

Robert Willis (Skyscraper) is a very hard worker.  You can count on him doing any job that is needed to get done.  He is a doer who leads by example.

Heather Henry (Farquad) is a shining light to those around her.  She is a natural teacher who inspires people to be the best they can be as they follow Christ.

Jason Henry’s (Sen-sei) open and friendly personality draw people to open up to him.  He is patient and kind to those around him, making him a great friend to have.

We have been blessed to have this group of people leading the summer camp program at Hidden Acres.  Along with them Hidden Acres has some of the best counselors around with the same kind of traits that make them great leaders.