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11350 Hidden Acres Ln
Kaufman, TX, 75142
United States

Hidden Acres is a camp and retreat center whose mission is to serve individuals, our community, and the world by sharing Christ’s love.


Mission Retreats


In 2007 Hidden Acres began a partnership with Refugee Resources Inc. that opened the door to a new kind of camp ministry, a camp that reached out to the refugee population in Dallas and reached the heart of youth and young adults to minister to the mission field at their doorstep.  We now call these mission camps because they combine the mission trip experience with a camp atmosphere.  Our Mission Camps now include a Middle School Mission Camp, Your Church Mission Camp, and Great Commission Camps.  We also offer this experience as weekend retreats in the Fall and Spring. 



We invite you to experience a new kind of retreat...a weekend that will teach you how to serve by serving, teach you about the gospel of love by helping you share it, and teach you about leadership by example. You will also meet some pretty cool counselors who will encourage you and be your friend.

During the middle school leadership retreat (Oaks of Righteousness Retreat) middle schoolers help lead a day camps for under-privileged children from inner-city Dallas. During the weekend they learn leadership skills and on Saturday they practice by helping lead the day campers through various activities.  The retreat begins on Friday evening and ends on Saturday.

The mission experience is being plugged in to minister to children from all over the world through day camp activities and by sharing God’s love.  Fulfilling the Great Commission to reach the world can be rewarding and fun, and just a few miles from your doorstep.



You may have helped a mission trip participant raise funds to minister to children around the world, but did you know that thousands of families from different countries in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia have been resettled in the Dallas area?  These people have come from refugee camps where they lived after fleeing their homes because their lives were in danger.  

Our Great Commission Retreats are a mission experience for your church group and provides a camp experience for refugee children.  Your group will stay at Hidden Acres for five days of ministry.  Early mornings and evenings will be devoted to the spiritual growth and leadership development of your group as well as fun times of fellowship. During the day your group will share the love of God with refugee children by leading them and participating in camp activities.

For the last five years Hidden Acres has been able to serve several hundred refugee children through our Christian camping ministry .  We have seen the lives of many refugee children changed as well as the lives of many of our “camp missionaries.” Hidden Acres invites you and your church to join us as we reach out to refugees resettled in the Dallas area.

How does it work?

Hidden Acres works alongside a refugee ministry to sign up refugee children for day camps.  These children are transported to Hidden Acres for four days of camp.  The number of refugee children who will participate that week will depend on the number of “missionary participants” and the funds raised for the mission week. 

The cost to be a camp missionary is $275* and covers lodging and meals plus a scholarship for one refugee camper.  

*This price is based on a minimum of 45 camp missionaries.

Your part

Your church group commits to bring a minimum of 45 mission trip/camp participants and register for a week of camp at Hidden Acres.  Your church leadership team will then work out a program with our Program Director. 

We also offer this experience as weekend retreats in the fall and spring.  Contact our Program Director to learn more.